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D: Nursing material

Nursing & Health Care

Volumes 12 and 13 in the Collected Works series are the core volumes covering Nightingale’s work in nursing.

There is nursing material also in Volume 6, Public Health Care, including Nightingale’s landmark Notes on Nursing for the Labouring Classes.

Volume 8, Women in Medicine, Midwifery and Prostitution, has her pioneering study of maternal mortality post-childbirth, Introductory Notes on Lying-in Institutions, and much other material on midwifery nursing.

There is material on bringing trained nursing into India (and unsuccessful attempts to) in Volume 9, Health Care in India.

There are smaller amounts on nursing scattered throughout the rest of the volumes.

On the project see:

“Appendix C: The Collected Works of Florence Nightingale,” in Barbara M. Dossey, et al, eds. Florence Nightingale Today: Healing, Leadership, Global Action. Silver Spring: American Nurses Association 2005:352-53.

Julie Abelsohn, “Writing the Book on Nightingale.” Registered Nurse Journal (May/June 1999):8-9.

See an interview on the series by Jill Shaw, in Registered Nurse Journal. 23 (November-December 2004):23-24.

Says the Nursing Standard, on Volume 8, Florence Nightingale on Women in Medicine, Midwifery and Prostitution:
“The only word that can adequately describe this book is astonishing….This series is an essential addition to any serious nursing history collection.” Francis Biley, Cardiff University, in Nursing Standard 20, 24 (22 February 2006):36.

The following short papers are available through this website.

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